a rookie mistake { • komaeda + aoi


When the brunette decided to take a closer look at him, he instinctively moved his head backwards, if only a few centimeters, to keep the distance between the two of them steady. He couldn’t help but chuckle at the, at least in his eyes, redundant worry her face sent off to him, moving one of his hands in front of his lips as he tried to keep it’s volume down to a minimum. 

"I told you, I’m really fine", he reassured her, tilting his head to the left in order to offer her a confirmative smile. 
"There’s no need for you to worry about someone like me. Truth be told, if you’d prefer to go back to play with the other students, I’d be the last one to hold you back."
Placing his palms in the grass right next to his body, he started to slowly prop himself up, waiting for the girl in front of him to get the idea and grand him enough space to move more freely. Once safely back on both of his feet, he spent a moment or two just looking at her, his brows knitting when it finally hit him. 
The reason why the young woman looked so familiar to him was because he had already seen her visage several times in various newspaper articles, on TV or while browsing through the endless widths of the internet. He had to admit though, he would have never expected her to look even prettier in reality, and be so close to him too.
Feeling a slight whiff of embarrassment rush through his body, he took another step backwards, only to feel something unusually hard press against the bottom side his sole. 
Guiding his glance towards the ground, he realized almost immediately what exactly he was standing on, resulting in him quickly placing his foot a few inches further to the side. 
Before he had the chance to protest or tell her to stop, the brunette had already lowered herself to pick the item up and returned it back to the hands of it’s rightful owner. 
Giving his thanks to her with a short nod, he simply let the book slide into one of his coat’s huge pockets, his shoulders dropping slightly in newfound relaxation.
He shut his eyes for a second, before eventually speaking up again, focusing his warmly gleaming glance on the young woman next to him.

"You really don’t have to be this attentive to me", he stated for the second time, one hand moving towards the back of his head as another snicker escaped him.
"It was probably my fault for not paying attention anyway. But if you really insist on bringing me to the infirmary though, then I won’t argue any further. By the way, I think I didn’t have the chance to introduce myself yet. My name is Komaeda Nagito, better known as the Super High-School Level Good Luck of the 77th Class of Kibougamine Academy. And if I remember correctly, you should be Asahina Aoi-san, right? Then that would make you the SHSL Swimmer. However, it looks like swimming isn’t the only sport you’re interested in, hm? It’s a pleasure to be finally able to meet you in person." 

{✪}— At the mention of going back to her friends, Aoi pursed her lips before shifting her attention back over her shoulder just to see her peers already walking away— probably planning on heading over to the sweets shop that just opened nearby which was something the swimmer had suggested to them earlier. She sighed at this before shaking her head and glancing back at the pale-haired boy.

"I don’t think they’ll be coming back anytime soon." As she noticed the young boy trying to stand up without the bother to take the hand she offered to him, Aoi awkwardly stepped aside and dropped her hand back to her side— somehow still maintaining her sheepish smile. Yep, this guy definitely did not want to be touched though she couldn’t find it in herself to blame him. She did, after all, hit his head. But then things felt more uncomfortable for her the very second the stranger was finally back on his feet and spent a fleeting moment just staring at her with furrowed brows. Aoi blinked at him in response before looking back over her shoulder in attempt to see if he was staring directly at her or at someone else.

But then his words caught her attention again and she settled her cerulean hues on him again, somewhat relieved that the guy looked calm now considering she was starting to think she approached a possible sociopath.


"O-Oh, um… it’s nice to meet you too, Komaeda-san." She nodded with an uncertain smile. SHSL Good Luck… Just like Naegi, huh? Though for some reason, I’m getting a bad vibe out of this guy. “And yeah, I guess you could say I’m interested in different sports such as baseball, basketball, volleyball and tennis. Oh but we’re getting out of topic here! Are you sure you’re all right? You’re not bleeding or anything, right?”

Instinctively again, her hand reached up to examine Komaeda’s head but managed to stop herself with her hand just freezing in the air before promptly dropping it back to her side. “You should check twice if you’re bleeding or not.” She may probably be overreacting regarding the hit to the guy’s head but one mustn’t be too sure.

"Hm. I feel so demotivated lately."


Some pics from the first run of the DR manga. I don’t know if there are any scans of anything past volume 1 so here are a few of my favorite pics from volumes 1-4.

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Cleaning Duty || Kyouko + Aoi!


“Eh? Abnormal and strange? Now why would you find your smile as such?”

Because you’ve never seen it before.

It wasn’t really an insecurity about her smile, it was moreso the fact that regular people hated change. A person who’s always happy, suddenly has a moment where they’re in tears? It makes others uncomfortable. And here’s the same scenario. A detective that never smiles, smiling so suddenly? It would make others uneasy. Or that’s at least what she thought.

She stayed silent, refusing to speak as the athlete tilted her head with curiosity and fascination. Kyouko wasn’t… That intriguing, was she? She was a simple, emotionless rock. Nothing more… Nothing less… In public. But could this really be considered public? There was only her and Asahina-san…

… Yes, this is definitely public.


"That’s sweet of you to insinuate, Asahina-san. But I’m certain you would turn away from me moreso if you witnessed me smiling."

{✪}— It was odd seeing this side of the detective. Aoi never really thought that she would be engaged in a conversation with her that would actually last more than a minute. The two barely acknowledge each other’s presence in class, after all. And when they do, their dialogue exchange would usually be something about their homework.

The brunette’s smile mellowed down to a comforting one as she delicately leaned the broom against the wall then fixated her attention back on her companion.

"Try me!" She proposed with a nod. "I mean, it’s true that I’m somewhat intimidated by your presence but that’s because we don’t really talk! Perhaps God has a given us a chance to actually get to know each other! You’ll never know, we might become the best of friends! It’s not impossible, you know!"

She was hardly certain if mentioning ‘God’ in the conversation was the right thing to do seeing as she doesn’t know much about Kirigiri’s beliefs but Aoi’s just simply one of those people who is fond of rambling on a lot without a sign of reluctance.

this just isn’t my forte { • aoi + chihiro

{✪}— She was building it up. It was evident. The way she warily chewed on her lip, the way her brows knitted in frustration and the way her cerulean optics shifted from one word to another justified that. She was trying her very best not to scream. To throw this damn thing out of the window and tell her parents that this was just not her forte at all and she doubted that it ever will.

But of course, money was spent for this item. She knew better than to waste her parents’ efforts in showing their support for her decision in attending the academy. But still, couldn’t they just give her a large supply of doughnuts? At least eating a doughnut was something that she could deem as a profession of hers.

"You’ve made a powerful enemy today, my friend…" Seated on the brunette’s desk was her very first laptop. A present she had just received yesterday from her parents and although it was second-handed, it looked like it was treated well by its first handler. Aoi had already spent an hour and a half trying to figure it out but she always ended up restarting it for some reason. It was amazing how she still managed to stop herself from screaming in frustration (though it was mostly because her roommate was asleep and she didn’t want to bother her).

After a few more clicks here and there, her laptop proceeded to restarting itself again and Aoi angrily stood up— nearly knocking her chair down. ‘What the hell?! This is just downright ridiculous!’ Without a word, she grabbed the device from her desk and stormed out of the room with a particular destination in mind.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

"Fujisaki-chan!" Aoi called out after pounding her fist on the door to the young programmer’s room. "Fujisaki-chan! Are you there…?! Open up!"



          The lighting in the library was dim as always, going by the light of the lamp that sat atop the desk in the center of the large room. It often meant having to plunge into the darkness to find the dust covered shelves that took the girl’s interest. The only-seems-to-be-touched-when-the-teacher-demands-it section of the library— better known as the Classics section to the few students and faculty members that visited its aging wares more regularly.

          Worn fingertips grazed against the spines laid in rows across the shelves, dragging across the title indentations as the female squinted through the poor lighting. She hadn’t a particular book in mind, nor a particular author. Simply a craving for words and escapism that only the best writers seemed to provide.

          Her hand stopped close to the end of the section, and she carefully slid out the book at her fingertips. The Picture of Dorian Grey, it was titled, by Oscar Wilde. Stepping back into the light of the she read the back cover synopsis, forcing a small smile to tug at the corner of her lips.

          An arrogant, beautiful, and dangerous man as the protagonist. A man with little regard for the world where he’s not directly involved. How familiar. How daunting.

          The literary girl pushed her glasses back up the bridge of her nose as she slumped against the desk and slid downward until she was sitting on the floor, letting the incandescent light hit the book at just the right angle for her to read it without problem. She cracked open the book— taking extra care not to crease the spine— and dove into its contents.

{✪}— 'She can't be in here, can she?'

With that question clouding her mind, Aoi stepped into the dimly lit room— a frown gracing her lips upon catching sight of the view that welcomed her. Who in the world would be able to read in a place like this? This was why she never really wanted to step foot into this place whenever the latter part of the day was nearing. Actually, she never really bothered to enter this place unless she was required to. This moment, however, was an exception for the young swimmer was looking for a peculiar classmate of hers.

She had tried asking around for Fukawa’s whereabouts but most of their classmates could only shrug their shoulders in response which was hardly a surprise. It was evident that the bespectacled girl was barely the type of person who would surround herself with her peers after all.

An abrupt halt was put to her line of thoughts the very second the brunette finally caught sight of the girl she had been looking for— seated on the floor by herself with a somewhat dusty book in hand. 


"Ah! Fukawa-chan! There you are! I’ve been looking all over for you!" She acknowledged Fukawa’s presence in a rather elatedly loud tone as though she had forgotten that silence was one of the library’s important requirements. With hasty steps, Aoi advanced her way towards the direction of her classmate before stopping in front of her and clasping her hands together behind her back.

"Why are you reading here when it’s so dark! You could hurt your eyes, you know!"

lend me a hand here { • aoi + hagakure


A smile! Now he was getting somewhere! It was definitely going to take more than that to pull that frown upside down once she had knelt down. “Maybe others don’t, but I don’t care. I talk how I want,” he replied with a shrug. That charm of his was already working. Good to know. He began gathering what remained of the books in his arms.
"So," Hagakure began,
image “What brings a pretty thing like you over in this neck of the school, huh? Come for a readin’?”

{✪}— Aoi could only nod in response upon hearing her classmate voice his lack of interest in how most people don’t exactly speak the way he does. That was fascinating, she may have to give him that. But it was still odd how he used the word ‘sweetcheeks’ without even thinking twice about it. It sounded immensely ludicrous, after all.

“What brings a pretty thing like you over in this neck of the school, huh? Come for a readin’?”

Aoi shifted her gaze at Hagakure while she was just in the midst of sliding a few books into the shelf. She couldn’t even tell if he was flirting or was just being friendly. Either way, she knew that she should just make light of it instead of inquiring him regarding the matter.


"Well, that is what the library is for, right? What else would I be doing here?" A somewhat delicate chuckle slipped from her lips before she pushed on to picking the other books up. "But I guess it is pretty obvious that the library is not my kind of place. I mean, I haven’t been here that long and look, I already made a mess."

Cleaning Duty || Kyouko + Aoi!


… She’s staring at me.

The swimmer’s sentence came to a halt suddenly, only causing the sleuth to casually slip another hand over her mouth. Had Asahina-san caught her? Did she see her abnormal smile? Oh no… That had to be the worst case scenario. What would happen now? Repulsion? More uncertainty and uncomfortable atmospheres?

"Kirigiri-san! Your smile is so beautiful!"

… Wait, what?

She had to be joking. The taller female shook her head, not allowing a blush form on her features at such a compliment. Instead, she focused on regaining her poker face and composure. No one saw her smile. What did a Kirigiri detective have to smile about? Nothing… Nothing at all…

She slowly removed her hands away from her face, biting the inside of her lip to stop herself from smiling.

"Why are you covering it? Come on, smile with me! You really should smile more often!"


"It’s… Honestly not as great as you believe it to be. You wouldn’t like it. It’d most likely just be found as abnormal and strange. Trust me."

{✪}— “Eh? Abnormal and strange? Now why would you find your smile as such?” If there was one particular smile that Aoi could consider bizarre, it would be the sinister grin of a psychopath. She had watched an ample amount of movies to know that their smiles were one of the things she could never find it in herself to appreciate.

However, Kirigiri’s smile was vastly different from theirs and she couldn’t find the logic as to where the detective got the idea that her expression of delight could be deemed as abnormal. But then again, Aoi’s parents always told the swimmer that she’s an easily fascinated person but she pushed that thought away. 

"Is that why you don’t smile much?" She decided to question her classmate instead, tilting her head slightly to one side as a look of genuine curiosity flickered in her cobalt optics. She was surprised that the detective even showed a fleeting moment of insecurity in spite of the impassive character she used upon her features to conceal it.

"I think every smile is beautiful! Including yours!" She added, hoping that would motivate the taller girl to smile more even though she knew it wouldn’t be that easy.

Cleaning Duty || Kyouko + Aoi!


“W-Waste my time with you?”

Another stutter from the swimmer’s lips, the sleuth turning away from her to finish wiping down the desks, dumping the sponge into the sink nearby. Was it not considered a waste of time to the swimmer to spend time with someone she obviously didn’t like? It couldn’t be anything that she could tolerate. She was used to solitude, it’s only a natural thing for a Kirigiri detective. Having assistants… Accomplices… They only get hurt in the end.

She'll only get hurt again.

"Don’t be silly, Kirigiri-san! It would be really mean of me to just leave everything to you. Besides, maybe we could use this time to get to know each other!”

As the other spoke, Kyouko turned, greeted with a jubilant smile. Her gaze didn’t focus on those of the bubbly athlete’s, tracing the sweeping movements of the broom as the girl hastily finished the floor. They were almost done — Basically. Until the brunette approached her, flipping out her phone and playing a familiar tune on it.

"See? This song is commonly used in movies whenever a couple is cleaning or cooking together! Doesn’t it just makes you want to dance?"


"… I’ve never been good at dancing…"

She spoke softly, covering her mouth with a gloved hand. She was smiling, ever so slightly, but smiling nonetheless. No one had ever seen her smile before. Such a gesture might have even been considered ‘strange’ or ‘creepy’ in a sense. It was best to keep it covered.

{✪}— “You’ve never danced before? Oh my gosh, then I bet you’ve missed so much! Perhaps I should—”

An abrupt halt was put to Aoi’s words the very moment she caught a glimpse of the small smile that adorned Kirigiri’s lips and for a fleeting moment, the swimmer found herself just staring at her. Even it was just a slight twitch of the detective’s lips that tugged the corners to an upward curve, it still caught Aoi somewhat captivated.

Of course, this was not the first time she had seen the taller female smile before. She could still recall the rare moments where Kirigiri would show a twitch of a smile in class whether it was for being commended by their teacher or just smiling at her own work. But then again, she was probably only pursing her lips. Aoi was never close enough to confirm if the detective was actually beaming or not. 

However, the fact that she got Kirigiri smiling a bit brought a rush of heat up to the shorter girl’s cheeks as a delighted smile graced her lips.

"Kirigiri-san! Your smile is so beautiful!" Perhaps the sudden flattery could be deemed as strange but the swimmer showed no reluctance about it as she eagerly dropped her phone on the desk and took a step closer to the other girl. "Why are you covering it? Come on, smile with me! You really should smile more often!"